Medical equipment

In 2001 Cecchi Srl integrated the company Prodotec srl, which had among its commercial activities the design and production of biomedical instrumentation, inheriting all its know-how and expertise.


Bilitec is currently the only commercially available device for measuring biliary reflux. Using bilirubin as a marker for bile, Bilitec records the frequency and duration of exposure to bile, whether stomach or esophagus, for a period of 24 hours.  The system allows to acquire also the values of the pH of the patient on the 24 hours, providing a more complete profile of the reflux disease of a patient.

Bilitec uses a fiber-optic probe to measure the quantity of bilirubin. In connection with the software ViMeDat ™ (Visible Medical Data) creates an integrated system easy to use for reflux diagnostics.  The system allows you to take advantage of numerous specific analyses and is equipped with an intuitive graphical user interface. The reports are fully configurable and are compatible with Libreoffice, Microsoft Word and Openoffice.